Purchased in 2017, the canadian billionaire and gambling magnate Calvin Eyre (Calvin Ayre) news site announced that the tender for granting £5 million to support innovative solution for blockchain Bitcoin Cash won the project, Tokenized, offering to tokenservice any asset from securities to movie tickets. Five developers from Singapore and Australia has developed this oncein-the decision was exclusively for the blockchain BCH and based on the original bitcoin code, which Eyre named Satoshi Vision.

“Using Tokenized now anyone in the world can create and manage their own smart contract in the network BCH, applying customized terms and conditions”, – is spoken in the edition message.

Air also compared this solution with the Cambrian explosion in the area of tokenization of business and the broader application of the BCH. He is convinced that in the original Satoshi Protocol “is everything that the world needed” and is required only to maintain its stability, and scale. He therefore urged all miners to support world Vision Satoshi.

Since it is assumed that the possibilities of tokenization using Satoshi Vision has not been exhausted, CoinGeek will continue the contest with a prize Fund of £1 million.

We will remind, one year ago stated that banking institutions are specifically thrown into the information space of the message against the cryptocurrency. According to the newspaper, it is done to recover the “normal status quo in the economy.”