Specializing in the development of cross-bloschanevych payments startup Havven announced plans to release its stablon in the EOS network, according to CoinDesk.

According to representatives of the Australian startup issue stablon nUSD on the basis of the EOS is expected at the end of this year. Currently, this “stable coin” exist in Ethereum. The issue is tied to the U.S. dollar token nUSD started in June of this year.

However, the Havven noted that the transfer of tokens with Ethereum in EOS is not the primary purpose of the project. According to them, the developers intend to make the two networks operated separately. This will give users the ability to use “cross-blockcanvas stablename”.

“Currently, cryptocurrencies are in the early stages of development, so it is unclear which of the blockchains can handle the scaling, — said the founder of Havven Kane Warwick. — It is therefore important to providing the infrastructure projects sought to achieve cross-compatibility blockcanvas”

Recall that in last month MakerDao and TradeShift has launched a program designed to provide a quick blockchain payments for small businesses.