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Blockchain ecosystem for freelancing Gigtricks finally announced the start date of the presale of their tokens at a 50% discount. Recall that the freelance platform introduced a system of personnel evaluation 360®, it can be deployed at the request of users, but attracting customers is free (Zero$).

On 14 June the project GigTricks successfully completed private sales of tokens, and people from all over the world supported the startup of Gibraltar with additional offices in Dubai due to its unique innovative solutions and successful business models.

Founder and CEO GigTricks Amir Sheikh expressed his gratitude to those who supported startup:

We are very pleased that people trust the project GigTricks and its concept, combining five innovative products in a single ecosystem.

Private tocancel GigTricks got massive support, and people were looking forward to the upcoming presales, and now the GigTricks founders, industry veterans, officially called the date of its launch.

The date and time and the sale of tokens GBTC listed below, and you should make them into their calendars and set reminders:

  • presales:08: 00 1 July until 23:59 July 30, according to universal time;
  • mainsail:08: 00 1 Sep GMT until 23:59 on 30 September according to universal time.

Below shows how the tokens will be distributed GigBit (GBTC) total number 1 billion:

Amir Sheikh tells about the presale and Mancala:

We want everyone to have the opportunity to invest in tokens GBTC, and three stages of licensee will allow us to provide. Perhaps users will be delighted to know that now for payment you can use Visa and Mastercard , along with the ether, bitcoin and Bank transfers. In addition, we are negotiating with HitBTC.

Indeed, it is very convenient for investors of the project and its loyal supporters.

And that’s not all, as the real joy and the best part is yet to come! Inspirer of the project GigTricks announced that blocking period for the tokens GBTC purchased during presale and Mansala, will not. This means that investors can sell their tokens when they want, for example, as soon as GBTC will begin to be listed on the stock exchanges.

GigTricks is a business model that is designed for the successful operation after tocancel. This is already a WORKING market, a great option for investment without a long waiting period. It is assumed that the tokens will appear on the exchanges, approximately four weeks after the primary sale.

GigTricks allows you to start your own business with zero (ZERO$) investment. You can register GigTricks and earn tokens GBTC (GigBit) for communication in GigTricks Social, and spend them to make a breakthrough to achieve their dreams. Turn your passion into a business, supporting what you love, and go to a new level.

Check the list of accredited persons (whitelist) GigTricks will be available from 15 June to 30 June for all those wishing to create a KYC profile to presale. Here are the bonus scale that will help to maximize the return from pre-sale and Mancala:

You can join the revolution of freelancer, taking advantage of five innovative products in the ecosystem. Presales GigTricks will go from July 1 to July 30.

The link to the site: https://www.gigtricks.io/
White paper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TFJsc9UfibgG3y0lOZD7R9jqX1nQ0-u6/view
Landing page company: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zBroAloPcIfwDlWY_JlYB7M2T8SUS1LL/view
White paper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hS0IkgurWj_z1QQq7a9AOUZ-CMd8M6XZ/view
Presentation: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-H_RhPK2KPr9r7bNTD6JsMkpMBJsDDQL/view?usp=drive_web
A list of accredited persons: https://www.gigtricks.io/Whitelist

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