Company Virtual Web Assist and Compumatrix International introduced the ATM for the cryptocurrency Bitshares on which they worked together last time. A project called Bitpal was presented at the recent etape organized by the Bitshares community in Baguio in the Philippines.

As noted in the blog Compumatrix, the resort of Baguio in Northern Luzon will be a place where a pilot project for the distribution of Bitshares ATM will begin to spread.

“We want the community to know what Bitshares is one of the best ecosystems in the world the blockchain. This is the fastest network from the perspective of transaction processing that is superior in its characteristics to the Visa network,” said the General Manager of the Virtual Web Assist Renee Mundi.

Created an ATM for Bitshares works on both the receiving and issuing of the Fiat, and supports contactless cards.

“We believe that such projects should not be part of the operational road maps. Innovation does not need someone else’s permission, even on the part of the Committee or the Bitshares community. Truly decentralized platform should focus on designing the API and code that developers can use to create the [applications] on top of the powerful blockchain of Bitshares”, — said the co-founder of Compumatrix, Henry James Banat.

Today Bitshares with a market capitalization of $428 million occupies 28th place in the CoinMarketCap list.

We will remind, in June of Schiphol airport in Amsterdam was an ATM that converts Euro to bitcoin and Ethereum.

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