Sponsorship material

With the time was conceived the project Azbit, members of his team tirelessly worked to expand the functionality of the future service. In addition, the project is carefully checked and studied by the consultants. All this will help strengthen its business model and to demonstrate to investors its advantages.

Discussed the development of the project with representatives of investment funds, the team Azbit decided to organize a Roadshow in Asia, Europe and America. Now the participants will discuss the investment conditions in the stage of closed sales. The public will be notified in case of successful completion of the round.

Meanwhile, the legal Department is studying possible scenarios of participation in the project of investors from the United States.

All this, as well as the state of the cryptocurrency market this summer convinced the team of the need to postpone the ICO until the autumn, which will give additional time for more thorough preparation for a crowdfunding campaign.

So, new date ICO Azbit:

Closed sales: September 1-30,,
Pre-ICO: 1-31 October,
The main ICO: November 15 — December 31.

Azbit expects to adapt your marketing plan based on the extended functionality of the project and to provide necessary legal support in a number of countries where this possibility is absent.

Additional information will be available in subsequent announcements.

Follow the news of the draft in Telegram-channel Azbit.

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