The project æternity developing blockchain Protocol for smart contracts, open source, announced the creation of two charitable foundations in Bulgaria and Liechtenstein. The main objective of the funds will provide financial support to budding blockchain startups and developers.

æternity Crypto Foundation from Liechtenstein to assist projects dealing with research and development in the field of blockchain technology, cryptography and mathematics. The grants will amount to 1 million Swiss francs ($1,008,827). In an official press release said that the grants will be paid “in the form of cryptocurrency,” but bitcoin itself is not called.

Speaking about the goals of the Foundation, Board member Peter Snyder said:

“Without high-quality research and research development in the blockchain industry is impossible. The Fund will support anyone who is willing to move forward and offer something new.”

æternity Foundation Bulgaria will cooperate with universities and other educational institutions in Bulgaria and other Balkan countries. The Fund will offer blockchain enthusiasts scholarships to obtain the necessary qualifications for working with distributed technologies.

Director of business development æternity and Chairman of the Board æternity Foundation Bulgaria, Nikola Stoyanov said:

“The Balkans have huge untapped potential, and our Fund will help to put the region in the global blockchain. I am happy that we will contribute to the development of local talent.”

Founder æternity Anislav Malakhov said:

“The potential of blockchain technology is still not disclosed. Collaborating with universities and providing grants, we can help create the infrastructure where people will create breakthrough solutions for a variety of industries”.

Earlier in æternity established a special accelerator for blockchain startups Starfleet. The purpose of the accelerator is to support projects that develop their solutions based on the blockchain æternity.

In early December æternity released the first iteration of its own blockchain Roma Release.

Recently æternity actively expanding beyond English-speaking community. In particular, the project added a Russian language section in your forum and created a blog on the platform of Golos. In addition, during fundraising, the team created the branch on the Bitcointalk forum and the official chat Telegram in Russian.

We will remind, earlier ForkLog together with æternity released a special project about smart contracts.

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