In Australia, the audit division of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), in cooperation with the chamber of Commerce and the port of Brisbane began developing blockchain platform Trade Community System, whose mission is “to promote the integration and coherence of the commercial operators in the supply chain and logistics sector”.

“Proof-of-concept Trade Community System is the first step in building a continuous innovation of the supply chain, which will digitize the flow of trading information to improve the relationship of the actors in the supply chain, to reduce interference in business, and the costs, providing the opportunity for unprecedented productivity growth of Australian business internationally,” said PwC partner Ben Lannan (Ben Lannan).

According to PwC, through 5 major ports of Australia is held annually to 9 million containers, while by 2015 the number could grow to 15 million.

Recall that the use of blockchain technology in supply chains are also interested in companies like Alibaba Australia, SAP, Unilever, Mizuho and Hitachi, IBM and others.