In Japan, three of the police Department are investigating the case of promotion of browser miner CoinHive on other people’s computers for hidden mining Monero. This writes
According to investigators, in the fall of 2017, the suspects have created websites, which is installed on users ‘ devices viral mining-program without their consent.

Police are investigating against three people, including web designer. One of them fined 100 thousand yen ($904) for illegal occupancy of the virus. However, according to the suspect, in fact, this program is not a virus, but it is a “method akin to that used for the distribution of online advertising”.

This is the first case in the country, when illegal use of the computers for mining will be regulated by the criminal code.

We will note, according to a study by Malwarebytes Corporation in the first three months of 2018, the number of cases of covert mining of cryptocurrencies increased by 4000% compared with the previous quarter.

We will remind, in March the website of the hydrometeorological center of Ukraine had been infected by a hidden miner CoinHive.