The unnamed player wants to put 8.5 million Australian dollars ($6.7 million), 2023 bitcoin price will be above the cost of the shares of the company Berkshire Hathaway Warren Buffett (Warren Buffett). The winnings would amount to $ 1.2 billion AUD ($890 million). This was reported on Twitter CEO of William Hill Australia Tom Waterhouse (Tom Waterhouse), noting that we are talking about well-known expert on cryptocurrency.

“We tied him up with a big syndicate — I hope he will succeed!”, — added Waterhouse.

Big Bet: the Well known Crypto expert has just requested a bet of $8.5 m AUD to win $1.2 bn that a Bitcoin will exceed the price of a Berkshire Hathaway share (c.$280k) by 2023. Have put him in touch with large syndicate – hope he can get set! pic.twitter.com/C20AHzH2k9

— Tom Waterhouse (@tomwaterhouse) July 11, 2018

The price of class A shares of Berkshire Hathaway on the new York stock exchange now is $288 thousand. This means that to win the expert will be able, if the first cryptocurrency over the next 4.5 years will rise by approximately 46 times. Provided that securities, Berkshire Hathaway will remain at today’s prices.

Previously forecasts were made about such a significant rise in price of bitcoin in the near future. For example, Tim Draper (Tim Draper) in April of this year stated that BTC by 2022 would cost $250 thousand. He recently confirmed his prognosis and explained why it will happen.

More bold predictions made John McAfee (John McAfee), who last summer wrote on Twitter that bitcoin in 2020 will reach $500 thousand, and promised to eat his penis on national television, if you are wrong. He later raised to $1 million per BTC, and confirmed the promise.

The Australian player may chose as the goal of the company’s shares Buffett — one of the most implacable critics of cryptocurrencies. Legendary investor called bitcoin a “real bubble”, saying that cryptocurrency “will come to a bad end” and they are “objects for speculation, not investment.“ In may, he said that “bitcoin is now probably the rat poison in the square.”