Saturday Hello, cryptodata! We offer you to consider the situations when an elderly woman is not worth saving from a burning building, and to refuse helping hands is preferable to use it.

Strictly following to analysts:

… bitcoin rushed…

RIPL is also well done:

Yes, an auspicious day for haircuts continues:

life of the crypto trader from many perspectives from r/bitcoinmemes

Video Summary of Today’s Trading in Guru Chat Rooms

h/t @Cryptanzee

— GuruLeaks (@Guruleaks1) 4 Dec 2018

Damn manipulators:

In the end, we’re all for technology:

— Humans of Late Capitalism 🕊 app (@HumansOfLate) January 15, 2019.

However, there are different ways to die:

She’s already dead.. from r/cryptomemes

…or not to be born:

January 15 due to gaps in the security system, the hackers took control of the means of crypto currency exchange Cryptopia.

Later part of the missing funds was discovered at the exchange Binance.

With such a background of marching boldly in 2019:

Crypto 2019 gonna be lit 🔥🌋

— CryptoChimp (@Cryptanzee) 12 Jan 2019

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