The painting of Andy Warhol (Andy Warhol) “14 little electric chair” for the first time will be sold with the cryptocurrency of the auction. Owned by the English gallery Dadiani Syndicate the canvas will be sold June 20 through blockchain platform Maecenas.

Experts estimate the painting to us $ 5.6 million. Payment will be accepted bitcoins, esters and a specialized token ART.

In addition, customers will receive digital certificates in the possession of paintings from the Andy Warhol 1980. The size of the shares will be 49%. The final price will be determined by smart contracts in Ethereum.

It is expected that the reserve price will be about $ 4 million. However, buyers will have to meet a number of requirements of AML/KYC.

Recall, the blockchain platform Maecenas in September last year, two days attracted a pre-sale of tokens ART of more than $11 million investment and the beginning of the ICO. Received was aimed at building and developing blockchain platform for trading famous works of art.

The main feature of the site — the ability to create digital certificates that are bound to objects. Platform is collaborating with British gallery Dadiani Syndicate 2017.