The head of the economic Committee in the Iranian Parliament Mohammad Reza Parabrahma of claims that residents were taken out of the economy $2.5 billion by bitcoin and other digital currencies, according to the Cryptovest.

So, despite the potential of cryptocurrencies in the struggle with international sanctions, they are widely used for the withdrawal of substantial funds outside the country. Probably, the situation with capital outflow in the near future will only worsen because of the decision of the President of the United States Donald trump to withdraw from the agreement on the cessation of Iran’s nuclear program.

“An active discussion of cryptocurrencies in General, and the creation of a national digital currency in particular, being in the world, because these tools facilitate economic interaction and allow you to circumvent sanctions. Due to a lack of transparency and lack of reliable support for foreign digital currency can be a threat to our banking system, we must therefore develop its own national cryptocurrency”, — said Parabrahma.

The official did not specify whether such a currency to be supported by some asset, so it is unclear if the Iran in the footsteps of Venezuela or create a digital chart.

“This cryptocurrency can become a platform for economic cooperation with countries that are interested in cooperation with the Iranian economy, but can’t afford it because of the sanctions”, — he added.

While the geopolitical crisis around Iran is putting pressure on traditional markets, crypto-currencies offer an alternative for capital.

We will remind, the Central Bank of Iran has officially banned the circulation of cryptocurrency.