30 Oct Ethereum Foundation announced that donates 15 000 tokens ETC in the address Ethereum Classic Cooperative. The announcement was made in the official Ethereum blog Special Projects on the website Medium. It gives all grounds to say that two structures, a long time ignored each other, begin to cooperate.

Classic Ethereum — a platform for smart contracts, which considers itself “the original Ethereum” and continues to manage the old chain. The cause of the break was the break-DAO (Decentralized Autonomous organization), which led to the hard forks and the separation of Ethereum and Ethereum Classic.

As a result of hacking DAO smart contract based on Ethereum, the platform was withdrawn more than $50 million to Hackers able to exploit the vulnerability in the functionality of the smart contract. However, by his rules they had to wait 28 days to bring the abducted live. The only solution to prevent the conclusion was hardwork held on 20 June 2016.

It was supported by the majority, however, were dissenters, left on old Cheney and called him an Ethereum Classic (ETC). Two years of community kept a distance, and Ethereum Foundation sold their tokens ETC.

Now the organization claims that in may of 2018 started the thaw. It started with the fact that the conference EDCON Ethereum Foundation invited the head of the ETC Cooperative Anthony Lusardi to publicly share thoughts about a possible cooperation between the two blockchains.

The publication Medium of 30 October stated:

Ethereum ETC Cooperative Foundation and co-funded Labs Akomba to associate ETH and ETC “bridge of peace”. Therefore, transactions in each block chain can be represented in another.

The blog reported that the “financial audit” cold wallet was discovered more than 15 000 tokens ETC, and the organization, “to celebrate the reunion,” decided to transfer their Cooperative ETC.

Founder of Digital Currency Group, Barry Silbert wrote for the occasion on Twitter:

Ethereum Foundation just donated Ethereum Classic Cooperative of $150,000 (ETC). I’m very excited about, seeing as there are bridges linking community Ethereum and Ethereum Classic.

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