Scammers that target too trusting users of the microblogging service Twitter, lured from their nearly $5 million in the cryptocurrency Ethereum.

Such data leads the user Cryptomania with reference to

ETH “scam” giveaways staggering numbers:

ETH 8,148 ($4.9 M) received (between scams and baits)
A fool sent 30 ETH to fake Erik Voorhees (
Over 4000 scams logged
Almost 700 “ongoing” scams logged

via by @MyCrypto and @radej

— Cryptomania (@meridiocrypto) 10 June 2018

It is noted that a total of swindlers enticed 8148 ETH that at the time of publication was equivalent to $4.9 million

One of the most desperate users, believing in the promise of easy money, sent 30 ETH on the fake account ShapeShift CEO Eric Vorhees. The relevant transaction can be found on Etherscan.

Today on the resource there were more than 4 thousand of such Scam projects, of which almost 700 are in active status, waiting for new victims.

Note that in the last few months Twitter has become a hotbed of fake accounts, copying profiles well-known individuals or companies. They all operate on the same simple scheme, offering users to send them a small amount in one of the cryptocurrency, promising to send in ten or even twenty times more.

Despite the promise to stop such practices, which the head of Twitter, Jack Dorsey gave back in March, a wave of fraudulent schemes, however, does not stop.