Line company, operator of popular mobile messenger app, the first among public companies in Japan launched its own blockchain-chain LINK Chain LINK with cryptocurrency (in Japan – LINK Point). The company representatives announced today that the launch of the network took place on 23 August and the issue of new cryptocurrencies it is assumed in the amount of 1 billion 800 million At the same token LINK will be available to users, and the rest will remain in reserve LINE Tech Plus. Assume that you earn and spend the new cryptocurrency will be using different services Line.

LINK Chain

Next month the network is also expected to launch two, and by the end of this year – ten more decentralized applications. In addition, the September LINK will be added to the listing crypto currency exchange BitBox, an open the same company at the end of June. However, to fully conduct operations with this cryptocurrency on the exchange will be possible after receiving BitBox license from the financial services Agency of Japan (FSA). Holders LINK will also be able to get on this site discounts, for example, a Commission for transactions and other actions.

We will remind that two weeks ago the statement of the messenger Line through its subsidiary valley Corporation, established in April this year, also launched in Hong Kong $10 million in venture token Unblock Ventures Fund.