The canadian company Decentral announced the full release of the wallet for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies Jaxx Liberty. At the moment the wallet is available for devices on Android and as a Chrome extension, versions for iOS, Mac, Windows and Linux are expected later.

📣We have exciting news! #JaxxLiberty is now available on Android & Chrome extension, with iOS, Mac and Windows coming soon. 👏🏻🙌🏻📱

— Jaxx (@jaxx_io) 12 September 2018

Beta Jaxx Liberty came out last summer, and from the former version of the popular wallet Jaxx new product is distinguished by several new features. One of them entered the Portfolio module that allows to track the dynamics of user-selected crypto currencies for a certain period of time, the news module and the data about price movement and market capitalization of cryptocurrencies. Also Jaxx Liberty has reviewers parts for different blockchains.

Among other features of the new wallet is called the support of more than 70 crypto-currencies and tokens, including smart contracts, Ethereum, the custom of miners a fee for all assets, and support for hardware wallets (for individual assets).

While Jaxx Liberty is the absolute product for users, in comments to CoinDesk CEO Decental Anthony di Iorio said that the addition of new assets in wallet, the company will charge a fee of up to $250 000. With the integration of financial services from third parties, such as exchanges, will take part of the Commission.

Another channel of income should be licenzirovanie rewards program users called Unity. Its launch is expected in 2019.

“The more often users use the services that we monetize Unity the more tokens they earn. [They] can get discounts on services”, — said di Iorio.

Separately, the developers note that Jaxx Liberty does not require registration and does not store personal data of users, while private keys are stored on the client side and never leaves the device.

Note that on the website Jaxx Liberty also says that using the wallet, you can instantly exchange cryptocurrencies themselves, however, mentions that this happens when the platform ShapeShift. In connection with the recent news that ShapeShift introduces the user registration and button Shyft many resources and no longer works, the question of the exchange of assets remains open.

Another worrying point about Jaxx Liberty is associated with the security of funds. In 2017, his predecessor Jaxx were identified vulnerability, subjected to risk the safety of funds. As they said, any user can quickly access the seed-phrase and PIN and take possession of thus means. Moreover, as stated in the developer blog Vx Labs, one of the users as a result of this vulnerability lost cryptocurrency worth about $400 000.

In July this year after the beta release Jaxx Liberty in Vx Labs blog appeared update that the new version of the wallet uses a different method of storage, however at least PIN can still be removed.

As for the loss of funds from the user’s wallet, says di Iorio, was to blame the user, which is not sufficiently defended your mobile phone. He also said that there was not a single case of loss of funds through the fault of the software developed by Decental.

However, di Iorio said that the company believes Jaxx, and now Jaxx Liberty “hot” wallet and is not recommended to store a significant amount. Among the advantages of the product he calls the simplicity and convenience that especially should be good for beginners and will help them to quickly familiarize yourself with the cryptocurrency space.