On 14 July, the number of open channels Lightning Network (LN) in the core network of bitcoin crossed the mark of 9000.

Wow! The capacity of the #LightningNetwork doubled in the last 7 days! #bitcoin ⚡🙌🎉

Channels: 9322
Capacity: 73.88 BTC pic.twitter.com/MQTNjWTjQR

— A v B 🇭🇷⚽🏆 (@ArminVanBitcoin) July 14, 2018

At the same time, just 7 days the amount of on Lightning channels funds doubled to $ 73,88 BTC ($463 000). The number of active Lightning-the node thus reached 2500.

It is noteworthy that more than half of the total funds to Lightning Network (51,629%) controls node belonging to the web site Shitcoin.com.

Data Shitcoin.com

It is known that CEO Shitcoin.com Andreas Brekken previously held the position of Advisor exchange Kraken and Bitcoin.com. Some bitcoin enthusiasts to accuse him of supporting the August fork Bitcoin Cash and “hate” to the idea based Lightning Network.

So you know that massive capacity lightning node setup by a guy who hates Lightning and promotes Bcash?

Sure enough it’s getting used for FUD.

Dumb FUD too: you can’t centralize a thing used solely by voluntarily running a big node. Just means you’re wasted a bunch of money. pic.twitter.com/Ni4uLixNI3

— Peter Todd (@peterktodd) July 14, 2018

The stated purpose of holding such a massive node is the study of the network for the compilation of the review announced on 5 July.

What would you like to see in a https://t.co/Lrh4RGAxzp review of Lightning Network? I usually like to:

— Compile everything from source (bitcoind + lnd)
— Receive and send payments
— Buy something and sell something (hats?)
— Use a HW (does not apply)
— Use an Android wallet

— Andreas Brekken (@abrkn) July 5, 2018

According to the tracker lnmainnet, as of 6:45 UTC, July 15, the number of open channels Lightning Network declined to 6168; the volume of BTC in 72 preserved.

Recall that in late may, the number of open Lightning channels has exceeded 7000.