Against the backdrop of recent deep drawdown rates first cryptocurrency the number of search requests for the word “bitcoin” has increased by 30%.

Data: Google Trends

Currently, the dynamics of such queries corresponds to the April values. Note that in the middle of spring, is actively developed vnutritrekovye correction — within a few weeks the price has increased from $7000 to almost $10 000.

At the same time has increased significantly and the dynamics of queries for the phrase “bitcoin is dead”. The number of such requests made up values Feb 208 year:

It is also worth noting that steadily growing number of requests for known among cryptoendoliths the word “hodl”:

However, compared to the December values of the current number of search requests for the word “Bitcoin” is extremely small. At the end of October ForkLog reported that compared with the peak values of December last year, the number of requests for the name of the first cryptocurrency decreased by 93%.

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