The number of new nodes in a network Lightning Network in February 2019 increased by almost 20%.

Representatives of the companies involved in the development of the service of micropayments, noted that his capacity now reaches about 750 bitcoins in Fiat is $2.9 million a month ago the network has worked only 6 thousand nodes.

Lightning Network also began to actively apply for Litecoin, although it offers one of the lowest commissions for miners. Users are attracted by the high rate of patency of the network, due to which the demand even in the corporate miners of blocks.

Supporters of the so-called “digital silver” is not as loyal to the new technologies. The network of Litecoin are sure that they do not need support, as their network has over a thousand channels linking around 160 nodes. At the same time, these indicators greatly inferior to the Lightning Network.

Recall, the Protocol of the second level Lightning Network that runs on the bitcoin blockchain and make it possible to instant transactions with almost zero costs, was officially launched in Mainnet in January 2018.

In just two weeks the network bandwidth was 4 BTC. Since then LN has observed the explosive growth in the number of open channels, but also their value.