Recent data portal Coin Dance show that the number of full nodes in the bitcoin network in recent years has increased substantially. At the moment there are 100 14, which corresponds to March of the current year.

About 95% of the gcd uses the software of Bitcoin Core. This ratio has remained relatively constant since the beginning of this year. Followed BY Bitcore, which is about 2% of nod.

Interestingly, 56 gcd continue to use Bitcoin UASF, which was developed to confront the miners, who intended to sabotage the activation technology SegWit last summer. An early supporter of bitcoin Adam Back last month, remembering the events of that time, called their victory of users over corporate interests. At the peak of the number of UASF-nod was about 1 350, but start to decline rapidly after activation SegWit.

Also recently there has been a significant increase in the size of the network Lightning Network. Previously, we reported that there are already more than 4,000 nodes, and the volume available for transactions of bitcoins has reached a historic high of 118 BTC.

The increase in the number of nod in main bitcoin blockchain and network second level occurs simultaneously with a decrease in General and can see the price of the asset.

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