As of June 30, more than a thousand cryptocurrency projects died, writes TechCrunch. This assessment is based on data from two sites — Coinopsy and DeadCoins.

Coinopsy daily publishes reviews of cryptocurrency, including those that are already “dead”. The “dead” token, the publication defines as one that demonstrates at least one of the following: the token is abandoned (not developed), the project is fraudulent, the website of the token “dead”, there are nodes, there is problem with wallet, information about the project is not updated in social networks, the project has collected very little funds, the developers left it.

According Coinopsy, there are now 247 “dead” coins. The list includes the infamous token Bitconnect — this project closed in January 2018, TechCrunch describes as “the most successful cryptocurrency pyramid scheme in history.”

A similar list of dead cryptocurrencies website DeadCoins includes 830 coins.

TechCrunch also reports that the volume of the ICO reached in 2018 of $13.7 billion, which is two times more than the corresponding figure for the whole of 2017. According to the publication, in 2017 fraudulent and now “deceased” ICO projects raised $1 billion.