This week the number of wallets service reached 25 million, a Significant growth of users is in the United States, where in recent months the company launched an active sale of bitcoins.

However, the figure exceeds 25 million the number of bitcoin addresses with a positive balance, said the web site BitcoinPrivacy that supports privacy bitcoin addresses for which analyses.

The website reports that there are currently 22 057 779 bitcoin addresses that have funds and 20 812 887 unique Blockchain wallets with a positive balance. Thus, a substantial portion of the wallets are empty (or the user stores broadcast, not bitcoins).

On Twitter, many responded to the message about record levels criticism Blockchain for the support of hard forks SegWit2x and reluctant acceptance SegWit. Their willingness to SegWit service announced in February, along with many bitcoin exchanges and mining pools.

Blockchain by attracting investors in total has raised around $70 million for expanding their business. Recently the company has hired veteran Google and Facebook Peter Wilson as Vice President of technology, former high-ranking Goldman Sachs employee brain of Madigan as head of institutional sales, and “graduate” Bank of America Garrick of Hileman to manage the research Department.

Speaking at a cryptocurrency summit Yahoo Finance, CEO of Blockchain’s Peter Smith said that every investment portfolio should contain the cryptocurrency.