Unknown persons threaten to blow up the Norwegian company Kryptovault involved in cloud mining of bitcoins, because of the noise, as well as “sabotage of the world” which it produces. Threats were sent to the company after the regional newspaper Vakdalposte wrote about the conflict management Kryptovault and locals due to the constant noise from the operating mining equipment.

Police and employees were immediately informed about the threat of explosion. While law enforcement agencies have begun work on assessing the reality of the threat and recommended to increase vigilance, to evacuate the staff of the three units Kryptovault – in the cities of Forum, Honefoss and Dale when he noticed suspicious activity.

Recall that in may about the opening in the North of Norway mining energy-efficient data center announced that Bitfury Group. As for August, not far from the Norwegian town of Alvdal, planned the construction of mining center of the Russian New Mining Company.