The securities Department of the state of North Dakota has issued a decree on the termination of activity of the companies Crystal Token Coin Cross Life and Advertiza Holdings offering “potentially fraudulent and unregistered securities under the guise ICO”.

According to representatives of the Ministry, on the sites of these projects have been posted misleading statements about the exceptionally high income. A significant portion of the project information was hidden or intentionally distorted.

Also, the office noted that none of the companies was not registered as an Issuer of securities. Moreover, according to representatives of the Department, Advertiza published false information about that company is supposedly negotiating with the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC). Also, officials noted that the website Life Cross Coin operates under the Berlin IP address “associated with extortion, Trojans and identity fraud”.

“Financial criminals cashing in on the hype and the General excitement around the blockchain, scriptaction and primary offerings of coins (ICO). Investors should be extremely vigilant in the consideration of investment proposals”, — said the representative office Karen Tyler.

Last month the financial regulator North Dakota has adopted similar measures in relation to projects BitConnect, Magma Foundation and Pension Rewards, which were advanced by the ICO in the state.

Recall, for the past few months, the SEC significantly tightened policy in respect of projects that have raised funds through ICO.

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