The company Ripple announced the release of a new version of the XRP Ledger (1.2.0), with the introduction of which reduces the requirement of reserve size token XRP for transaction signature with a function of multipoles (multisig).

In particular, if the user was previously required to reserve 15 to 50 XRP to be able to act as one of the participants in multisig transactions, but now it will be enough to have 5 XRP.

“One of the main advantages of decentralized blockchain technologies, such as the XRP Ledger, is their resistance to censorship. Being highly resistant to attempts of censorship, with the release of the XRP Ledger 1.2.0 servers now have the opportunity to determine them automatically, and to warn about the transactions that should be included in the registry after several rounds of consensus” — it is told in the company message.

The update contains a number of other smaller changes, in particular improvements in the code responsible for offers on decentralized exchanges.

According to the company, the new software release XRP Ledger is required for the upgrade and must be activated in all servers until 27 February.

Earlier this week it was reported that cross-border transfers of technology-based Ripple experiments known money transfer system Western Union.