Blockstream, the company introduced the largest over the past eight months updating c-lightning, own the implementation of the software Protocol of the bitcoin micropayments Lightning Network. It is reported by CoinDesk.

The new release contains, in particular, plug-ins, which the company hopes will make it easier for developers to create new functionality of the payment network. Moreover, it is expected and understandable for those who do not consider themselves coders.

New version of c-lightning is an interface that supports plug-ins written in C, Go and Python. According to the engineer Blockstream and the author of the idea of plugins, Christian Decker, like the possibility of customization is one of those properties that distinguish c-lightning from other Lightning Network implementation, for example, the LND and the Eclair.

“It was one of our first decisions. We could tell people what they can and can’t do, or we could give them the tools and the way to create the functionality that they want,” said Decker.

According to him, the Blockstream team of engineers chose the latter, and adding your own functions, users thus create a kind of private Lightning-node.

“This opens up endless possibilities”, — said another engineer Blockstream Rusty Russell.

Among the already created plugins that monitoring tool, which works in conjunction with Noda, tracking its performance, as well as a small plug-in spy, which pings other nodes and checks to see how they react. This tool is designed to help developers to determine which parts of the network remain problematic.

List of plugins will be updated as soon as the developers will come up with new ideas. It is joked Russell, you can not only be considered a hidden search for new employees for the company, but also fully in keeping with the spirit of developments with open source.

Beta c-lightning (v0.6) was released in June 2018. In August of the same year, the project’s Creator, Nadav Bitrated of ivgi presented a minimalist graphical user interface of the Spark, which uses c-lightning as a backend.