The American stock exchange Coinbase was subjected to a boycott by a number of crypto-enthusiasts who launched the online campaign under the hashtag #DeleteCoinbase.

Although some actions Coinbase has previously raised the IRE of representatives of the crypto industry, claiming that the American company does not share the values of community, the last straw, apparently, was the purchase by the exchange of the Neutrino Italian startup that provides solutions for tracking transactions in the blockchain.

At the same time Coinbase said that technology startups will help her in the fight against illegal activities and will make the space cryptocurrency “safer and more accessible for people from different parts of the world,” the track record Neutrino evidence of the very specific focus of his work.

In particular, the analyst Arjun Balaji and portal BREAKER declare that team Neutrino was formed from the former leaders of the Hacking Team, an Italian provider of solutions for surveillance, serving repressive regimes in various countries. The company helped organize the harassment of journalists, political dissidents and activists, including Emirati activist for human rights of Ahmed Mansour.

Delete the account that was 6 years ago. The attraction of Hacking Team was the last straw.

Over the last month Coinbase was involved in more two controversial episode. In early February, the company added long-awaited support for bitcoin in their app wallet Coinbase Wallet. After a week Coinbase announced that for the convenience of users it provides the ability to store backups of the private keys in the cloud services. As noted by some industry representatives suggested Coinbase decision is contrary to the recommendations for the security of cryptocurrency assets.

No less a welcome addition to Coinbase XRP Pro this Monday also gave rise for doubt. In addition to allegations of insider trading on the stock exchange collapsed, a number of issues relating to the terms of the listing XRP, which is believed to contradict their own company policies. In addition, some community members questioned the fact that Coinbase has decided to support gratuitously issued by Ripple, the cryptocurrency, while in 2017, the last proposed exchange loan in the amount of $100 million in listing its assets.

What scale will reach boycott Coinbase, difficult to predict, but no doubt the fact that the movement #DeleteFacebook directed against the popular social network, his time helping to raise the scandal of the data collection company Cambridge Analytica to a completely different level.

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