The Ministry of Finance of Vietnam made a proposal on a total ban on the import of mining equipment because of fears that it could be used to launch new digital currencies and forms of payment that will be difficult to regulate.

According to a local newspaper, referring to the Finance Ministry, as of April, Vietnam imported more than 6300 mining farms, 4300 of which went to Hanoi and 2009 in Saigon. And last year, Vietnam was put 9300 mining farms: 2300 pieces — in Hanoi, about 7000 pieces — in a little Saigon and da Nang.

Recall that in Saigon in April of this year, 32 thousand of investors lost a total of 1.5 trillion Dong ($658 million), invest in the company that has conducted fraudulent ICO iFan token and Pincoin. At the same time to produce, offer and use illegal means of payment, which include the cryptocurrency in the country since January 1 of this year, prohibited and a violation of the established rules in this area involves criminal liability.