The mayor of Seoul, Park Wonsoon presented a five-year plan to invest $108 million into the South Korean capital as “smart blockchain of the city.”

Speaking last week in Zurich, Pak Wonson said that his plan for the device blockchain-the city in the years 2018-2022 will be involved 14 government services, and the budget allocated by the state, will be 123,3 billion Korean won (about us $108 million), according to CoinDesk Korea.

The mayor also noted that the blockchain will be used in the field of labor and social Affairs, data management on the ownership of vehicles, authentication certificates, charity and voting in elections.

For example, the mayor said that the city of Seoul municipality intends to use this technology to protect workers on part-time, which, as a rule, no labour agreements and insurance. In his report the mayor explained that such employees will be able to register via the blockchain app. Organization for the protection of labour and insurance companies that will manage their own nodes in the blockchain will be able to share information about workers and determine insurance schemes for them.

Vanson also said that his administration plans to allocate another 60 billion won (about $53 million) for the construction of two blockchain complexes to accommodate more than 200 startups by 2021. These complexes will become part of the innovation Park Gaepo and start-up hub Mapo Seoul.

Pak Wonsan was elected mayor of Seoul in June this year. As part of his election campaign, he promised to fully support the development of the blockchain in the capital of South Korea and to turn the MAPO in the blockchain the city centre. Earlier we talked about its plans to launch coins S-Coin.

The efforts of the Seoul accord and the road map of the Ministry of information and communication technologies, which in June announced his intentions in the coming years to invest in public services, $9 million