Founder and CEO Facebook mark Zuckerberg said that the technology of distributed registry may allow Internet users to access various services using a single account. Solution based on the blockchain could become a competitor to the single sign-on (SSO) from Facebook.

“I have not yet thought about the exact mechanics, but I believe that the blockchain could be used for authentication in different services. To abandon Facebook Connect in favor of true decentralization”, — he stressed in a conversation with a Professor from Harvard Jonathan Zittrain.

This decision will allow Internet users to abandon an intermediary in the credentials for interacting with different services. In addition, intermediaries-corporations will lose the ability to cut traffic.

However, he stressed that in the case of the scandal Cambridge Analytica and data breach Facebook managed to block unscrupulous developers access to the personal data of users, and in the case when the latter will be able to manage their data, it would be impossible.

Zuckerberg added that society needs to answer the question, is it willing to take full responsibility for their data, as in the case of malicious acts will not be an intermediary, which can be held to account.

He also confirmed that the volume of calculation, which are produced by Facebook, it will be extremely difficult to decentralize.

Earlier, Facebook began to search the blockchain.

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