The Malta stock exchange (MSE), in cooperation with OKEx will create a new marketplace at the institutional level. About it reported in a press release MSE, which on July 19 has acquainted journalists Cointelegraph.

This spring OKEx moved to Malta, stating his confidence in the favorable attitude towards cryptocurrencies from the Maltese government.

The joint project, dubbed OKMSX, launched after the signing of the MSE and OKEx of the Memorandum of understanding. We are talking about the platform which will operate the exchange of digital assets. The staff of the platform will be qualified lawyers and security experts who can take care of the interests of customers.

In addition, OKMSX entered into an agreement with the operator of the Berlin platform Neufund called Fifth Force, supporting “all kinds of securities or financial products issued as licenzirovanie securities on the blockchain”, as stated in a press release.

The head and co-founder of Neufund Zoe Adamovich said in a press release that the goal of the partnership is to “create the world’s first decentralized regulated global stock exchange”. The first step towards this goal will be a pilot project designed to study the market response.

Malta, where now are numerous cryptocurrency and the blockchain, the company became known as the “island block” and a world leader in the regulation of the sector. So, in July, the Maltese Parliament approved three laws related to this area. Thus, the country has an appropriate regulatory framework.