As the data Analytics service CoinDance, in anticipation of the November 15 hard forks of Bitcoin Cash (BCH), the majority of miners support the Bitcoin alternative implementation of the SV.

Just promoted “the self-proclaimed Satoshi” Craig Wright’s version of Bitcoin SV directed 64% of the hash power. In support of the traditional implementation of the BCH called Bitcoin ABC is currently aimed only 18% Hasrat.

The chart below shows that support Bitcoin pools CoinGeek SV, SVPool, BMG Pool, okminer and mempool plays a very significant share in the total hestate Bitcoin Cash (a total of more than 70%).

Data: CoinDance

SV Bitcoin 0.1.0, as convinced the representatives of nChain is the implementation of the “true vision” Satoshi Nakamoto, who described bitcoin as electronic money. Among the main technical characteristics of this client, you can highlight the increase in the limit on the block size from 32Mb to 128MB, as well as the implementation of the so-called four opcodes Satoshi: OP_MUL, OP_INVERT, OP_LSHIFT and OP_RSHIFT.

Note that clients of Bitcoin and Bitcoin ABC SV not compatible with each other. Therefore, 15 Nov Bitcoin Cash will likely be divided into two competing chains.

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