In the traditional Sunday review ForkLog release of the Bitcoin Core client 0.17.0, the start of commercial use of the product xRapid from Ripple and the agreement between the consortium and the Ethereum Hyperledger Enterprise Alliance.

On the price front

Last week for the price of bitcoin saw the flat in the range of $6 400 — $600 6 and record low volatility, which reached a 17-month low.

The first cryptocurrency did not respond to the Commission’s decision securities and exchange Commission (SEC) to extend the consideration of applications to open bitcoin ETF from companies ProShares, and Direxion GraniteShares. It is noteworthy that a similar absence of any abrupt movements were observed after treatment of the SEC to the community for further information on the application of the new York companies VanEck and SolidX.

Well-known investor Mike Novogratz, meanwhile, has revised its original forecasts of the annual dynamics of the first cryptocurrency and has questioned the ability of bitcoin to exceed $9 000 by the end of 2018. Earlier he expressed the readiness of the flagship of the industry to explosive growth, and Fast Money on CNBC said that very surprised, if bitcoin will not overcome the basic levels until January.


The key event of the week for the first cryptocurrency was definitely a release of the Bitcoin Core client 0.17.0.

At this time the developers have implemented the algorithm “branch and bound” to calculate the Commission for each output of the transaction before combining them and getting as close as possible to the requested by the sender of the amount.

After updating to the new version, users will be able to create wallets at any convenient time by using the graphical interface and use hierarchical deterministic (HD) wallets.

Also to 0.17 added support for partially signed bitcoin transactions and addresses in the format of watch-only, allowing you to track the balance, but keep the private keys offline.

Meanwhile, at the conference Scaling of Bitcoin in Tokyo renowned developer mark Friedenbach presented a solution for scaling bitcoin Blocks Forward, which, he said, will increase the block size to migrate to a hybrid PoW-algorithms and integrate other large-scale changes solely through softforyou and “forward chain”/shards.


Activation of a large-scale upgrade of Constantinople in the test network Ropsten was postponed due to the code found in the update vulnerabilities.

Probably, the operators node in the test network the first test solutions for ofchain-scale Raiden, and prepare for a possible split of the chain.

The developers moved the launch on October 14, roughly on the block number 4 230 000.

Parity Technologies, in turn, implemented an early version of the Casper updates its blockchain-a platform Substrate, combining the upgrade with sharding. The so-called Shasper, the company said, is a “basic frame”.


MercuryFX, Cuallix and Catalyst Corporate Federal Credit Union, has started commercial use of the product xRapid-based token XRP Ripple from the California startup.

MercuryFX specializiruetsya on international payments Cuallix carries out settlements between the U.S. and Mexico, while Catalyst Corporate Federal Credit Union provides financial services to nearly 1,400 credit unions, primarily in Western and South-Western regions of the United States.

The head of the Ripple brad Garlinghouse stressed that the transaction token XRP is a thousand times cheaper and faster than bitcoin.

This week it also became known that the Japanese banks SBI Sumishin Net Bank, Suruga Bank, and Resona Bank has begun to use mobile payment app MoneyTap from Ripple.

However, after a strong rally at the end of September, the price of XRP has demonstrated a moderate decrease in the weekly chart.

Agreement between EEA and Hyperledger

Leading a blockchain-Ethereum consortia Enterprise Alliance and Hyperledger intend to establish uniform standards for enterprise distributed networks. In organizations believe that cross-platform cooperation will accelerate mass adoption of blockchain technology in a business environment.

Each organization joined the other as an associate member.

“Our organizations have similar objectives, such as expanding and strengthening community, as well as the broader corporate adoption of blockchain technologies. We hope to convey the idea about the fallacy of contrasting the EEA and Hyperledger” — said in a joint statement, organizations.

Run the token on the basis of the Fund Bitwise

Provider wallet Abra launched a Bitwise 10 Crypto token Index Token (Bit10), which is based on a cryptocurrency portfolio of assets from the company Bitwise Asset Management.

According to the CEO of Abra bill Barhydt underlying token, the Fund invests in bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Bitcoin, Cash, EOS, Stellar, Litecoin, DASH, and zcash for Monero.

The token created on the basis of smart contracts that bind cryptocurrency or Fiat money to digital assets index Bit10.