The main Bitcoin Core developer Wladimir van der Laan is not entirely complimentary of those who want to violate the fundamental principles of Bitcoin. We will remind, recently in a Twitter discussion broke out on the potential to increase the maximum number of coins BTC.

Van der Laan is usually not actively involved in the public debate, but this time he left a few angry responses in the thread of messages from supporters of the idea.

That’s bullshit. Sad that I have to remind about it, but nobody has the right to change the rules of the issue of Bitcoin.

And not a single coin more

One of the developers of cryptocurrency Matt Luongo has proposed to remove the limit of 21 million BTC. In his opinion, this strategy will help the community to avoid high transaction fees in the foreseeable future.

Luongo made only one offer during the event, Satoshi Roundtable, but after his words stretched a whole series of misunderstandings. Later CEO of BTC.TOP Jiang Jouer incorrectly highlighted this theme in the Chinese social network Weibo, natolknet many users on misconceptions.

Wladimir van der Laan strongly against even discussing such ideas.

Increase the maximum number of BTC is contrary to human psychology. I don’t think people will want to just devalue any asset. In addition, the price of Bitcoin is not in the best position.

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Well @JiangZhuoer is lying again… like all the previous times.
I guess it’s “make random shit up and try to scam people into buy BCash”-time again. …

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The programmer notes that in the digital world the concept of rarity practically does not exist — any file can be copied and reproduced an infinite number of times. Yes, there are mechanisms that prevent this, but only in Bitcoins this system is brought to perfection. That’s why this attribute we need to protect.