ZeppelinOS, a platform for developing and managing applications based on smart contracts, Ethereum, launched on the basis of the network.

Announcing the launch of ZeppelinOShttps://t.co/hT6wziRA6R

— ZeppelinOS (@zeppelin_os) 25 May 2018

As stated in the project blog, still addressing problems and vulnerabilities in smart contracts was difficult, expensive, or even impossible process, causing hundreds of millions of dollars of users were at risk.

“Thanks ZeppelinOS this problem no longer exists, and developers can create smart contracts, which will be easy to upgrade,” say the creators of the platform.

In addition, ZeppelinOS offers a library of standard and secure code smart contracts that are already working in the Ethereum blockchain and can be easily connected to new applications. The library is open source and maintained by a community of more than 100 developers from around the world.

The team also ZeppelinOS said that to show how the platform is simple to use, it provides two demo applications, which brought her a special treat: Basil and Crafty.

The first application allows users to change the color of the illumination of a room of Basil, who settled in the office of the Zeppelin, the second is a blockchain game to create a new token by kombinirovannij existing coins.

Additionally presented the road map project, which includes the launch of ZeppelinOS Kernel and token ZEP. With ZeppelinOS Kernel developers will be able to register new improved releases of the standard library code smart contracts, burning a small number of tokens ZEP. Other platform users will be able to use tokens to vote for a particular release, declaring thus about his safety and giving some coins to the developers as a reward.

We will remind, last week about creating a directory for decentralized applications (dapps) was announced by the team on blockchain startup Blockstack.