Earlier in the week the team of cryptocurrency Waves has launched a new system Protocol, its blockchain platform. This has increased the attractiveness of the coins in the eyes of investors, dramatically increased investment in the digital asset.

In the near future the Protocol will allow you to create smart contracts on the platform Waves, if it will support all the miners. Thus, each network user will be able to enter into contracts or to create applications-track scheme since the launch of the Protocol will improve performance of the platform.

In addition, users of the network Waves to be able to run the so-called smart-accounts, which shall be used for operation with tokens, including the freezing of tokens atomically swaps and two-factor authentication.

Materials CoinMarketCap, it follows that Waves now, the cryptocurrency is trading at $0,34, adding nearly 20%. The market capitalization of a digital asset reached $3.41 million

Note that in mid-June Waves also steadily increased due to the inclusion in the listing on Huobi.