This month has been incredibly interesting for major players in the cryptocurrency market. BTC fell, and the coin BNB seems to have become his rival. ETH and EOS again peaked. Experts called EOS the “king DAPPS”, and he Buterin says that this coin is “Junk”.

Trending coins


Wednesday, February 6, the average market price of Bitcoin fell to $ 3405, she was close to at least 2019 $ 3400 installed on January 29. According to the analyst NewsBTC Ayash Jindal guy in the near future the price of the cryptocurrency could fall to $ 3350, and $ 3320.

A few days ago Finder conducted a survey among financial analysts. Most of them are confident that by the end of 2019 BTC will rise to $7000, and the head of Digital Capital Ben Ritchie said that by December the cost of the first cryptocurrency to exceed $9500.

At the time of writing, the price is BTC is around $ 3 632,51.


On the morning of 14 February, the average market price of Ethereum reached 124 of the dollar, but was unable to gain a foothold and fell. Now the cryptocurrency is trading at $ 122, as a few days earlier. The coin remains in second place in the list of the largest blockchain projects for capitalization.

According to the analyst NewsBTC Ayash Jindal guy, cryptocurrency Buterin will be sold between the support level of 120 and 118 dollars in the near future it should not fall below. If this happens, the fall will slow down at around 115 dollars, an expert has warned. According to him, for the further growth of Ethereum needs to overcome the resistance area $ 125 in this case, the price may rise to 128, and 130 dollars for a short period of time.


Wednesday, February 13, the average market price of EOS increased by 7.4%, reaching a high in 2019 and amounted to 2.98 dollar.

Last week, analysts of the rating Agency Weiss Ratings reported that only three of decentralized applications (dApps) of the 50 work for the blockchain Ethereum platform. Of the remaining 47, 26 based on the blockchain EOS, and 21 uses the platform of Tron. Experts called EOS the “king of apps”.

In early February, Vitaly Buterin spoke at the conference dedicated to cryptocurrency Blockchain Connect. He called the competing projects such as EOS, NEO and Tron, “a centralized pile of garbage”. At the time of writing EOS is EOS $ of 2.83), which is not so bad.

Binance Coin

Binance Coin or BNB, it is a token of exchange Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, in terms of trading volumes. He established a new historical maximum.

Last week the price of the cryptocurrency BNB increased by 35%. The capitalization of the token big stock market increased to $ 1.36 billion; it rose to tenth place in the list of largest digital coins. At the moment Binance Coin is trading at a price of $ 8,97.


9% of the world’s cryptocurrency exchanges got 8+ out of 10 points according to the criterion of safety

  • 100 cryptocurrency exchanges measured at the server security, user security, quality of service (Crowdsourced Security) and historical figures (Historical)
  • Only 9 of the cryptocurrency exchanges have received a rating above 8 out of 10 possible points
  • Leaders: Kraken (9.06), Coinbase Pro (8.74), Binance (8.50) and Bitmex (8.50)
  • Popular crypto currency exchange Bithumb, Coincheck and Zaif, who was hacked got less than 5 out of 10 points.

Only 16% of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges have received a high evaluation of the security aspects.

The security level 135 cryptocurrency exchanges were evaluated. Only 16% received a high rating (A). None of the exchanges have not scored the highest rating (A +). Top 3 most safe cryptocurrency exchanges: Kraken (USA), Robinhood (Cayman Islands), Polonik (USA). Only 22% of the exchanges met all 4 criteria: security, user domain security, web security and protection against DoS-attacks. On average, each exchange-protected 6 types of cyber attacks (out of 10): in the worst case, the exchange was protected from 4 types of cyber-attacks, the best (Kraken) — 9 types of cyber attacks. 74% of kryptomere able to protect against DoS attacks.


In 2019 ICO projects have already attracted $ 160 million

In the first half of January, the ICO has raised nearly $ 160 million. The total volume of investments in January amounted to almost 33% of the funds raised in December 2017. The maximum total investment requested for the ICO, is more than $ 4 billion. Canada is a leader among the world countries in the amount of funds raised by the ICO in January. The US is the leader in the number of ICO projects.

Tokens Erc-20, owned by ICO projects, lost 54% of its value

The organizers of the ICO on the platform Ethereum spent 24.2 billion dollars to cover operating expenses and funds for development. 54% of the original amount collected during the ICO projects (24 billion. USA), was lost due to the fall in the value of tokens (up to $ 5 billion. USA).