The Japanese company USDDex a month before the launch of the eponymous stablon open source opened an additional round of financing with charging investors 45% bonus. It is expected that pegged to the us dollar in the ratio 1:1 stabilin standard ERC-20 will run until April 15.

According to company founder Hitoshi Shibata (Shibata Hitoshi), which previously 15 years in Mizuho Financial Group and a member of the working group on the banking industry and the integration of the blockchain technology, the new asset has a number of advantages, allowing it to occupy a leading place in the market. Among them – “absolute decentralization, maximum security and reliable sources of stability in the face of volatility”, as well as compatibility with the main Ethereum-wallets, including MyEtherWallet, MetaMask, Ledger, best wallet and Parity.

According to representatives of the USDDex, 2019 will be the year tablconv because the trading volumes the first five stablename exceeded $100 billion per month. In the near future the company is preparing to introduce a new scriptactive in listing 20 kryptomere.

We will remind, the co-founder and CEO of a payment company Circle Jeremy Allaire (Jeremy Allaire) believes that the growing market tablconv will prevail tokens, using the approach with open standards. Earlier plans to issue its own Coin stablon JPM announced us banking giant JPMorgan Chase, the FINTECH company BxB Inc from South Korea launched the first stablein tied to the national currency is the Korean won (KRW), a provider of solutions for the storage of scriptaction BitGo — secured bitcoins stablon WBTC (Wrapped Bitcoin). According to some information, their stabilini also intend to launch Facebook and IBM.