Chinese giant e-Commerce launched the platform working on the model of “blockchain as a service” (BaaS), and also introduced a digital application for tracking invoices. This was reported in the company blog.

First plans by launching its own proprietary platform became known in April this year. BaaS-product from JD is designed to help companies in creating their own blockchain-based applications, including for supply chain management, tracking charitable contributions, property rights, authentication certificates, etc.

The first application on the basis of JD Blockchain Open Platform developed in partnership with a major Chinese insurance company China Pacific Insurance Company. According to the developers, the new solution moves the data for the invoices in a distributed registry, enabling you to monitor relevant information on all stages of the life cycle of documents. Thus, it allows you to automate the workflow of the insurer, making the processes more efficient and transparent.

ForkLog previously reported that plans to issue securities on the blockchain.