Central banks worldwide should consider the possibility of issuing digital currencies announced on Tuesday, November 12 in Singapore, the head of the International monetary Fund (IMF) Christine Lagarde. Reported by the BBC.

According to her, the digital currency will make transactions more secure.

“I think we should consider the possibility of issuing digital currencies. The advantages are obvious. Your payment needs to be instant, safe, cheap and potentially polyanaline. And Central banks will retain their role in the conduct of such payments,” — said Lagarde.

She also noted that the Central banks of Canada, China, Sweden and Uruguay already “seriously considering” the possibility of the launch of digital currency.

According to Lagarde, issued by the Central Bank virtual currency, like cash, will be the liability of the state and not private firms.

“The more people will be served, the cheaper and more useful this service is. Private firms may pay insufficient attention to security,” she added.

She also noted that while the situation with digital currency “is not universal”, this possibility should be examined “seriously, carefully and with a creative approach.”

Earlier this week, Deputy General counsel, IMF Leckow Ross said that the organization experiments in the field of blockchain will form the basis for the formation of the vector regulation of the cryptocurrency industry.