Representatives of the American investment Bank JMP Securities, citing data from PitchBook reported that the number of mergers and acquisitions on the cryptocurrency market in 2018 increased by more than 200%. By mid-October announced 115 such transactions involving cryptocurrency or blockchain-companies, and by the end of the year, it is expected that their number will reach 145. For comparison: in 2017 amid rising bitcoin signed 47 M&A transactions.

In JMP Securities may not reveal the amount of transactions, as in many cases they were not disclosed, but “relatively small” are mergers and acquisitions involving amounts up to $100 million

The head of the direction of investment banking in the field of digital asset and blockchain technology in JMP Securities Bajpai Satya (Satya Bajpai) said that at the moment the company is in the early stages of growth buy or invest in them at a greatly reduced assessment. Because “even for large businesses the value of tokens is correlated with bitcoin, it can create ideal opportunities for companies-customers,” he explains. However, in order to keep up with cryptomnesia, to product and instant access to technology, it is easier to buy a company than to create it from scratch.

Relevant to the strategy at JMP Securities believe “capture territory” in the field of innovative technologies, access to new markets and to intellectual property, which can promote the rapid growth of companies as well as in the field of recruitment.

Recall that, according to research by Glassdoor recruiting companies, employment opportunities in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain in the United States this year has increased significantly. So, in August of 2018, there were 1775 unique vacancies related bloccano, at the beginning of the year 693, and in August 2017 — 446.