In the latest version of research Worldwide Semiannual Blockchain Spending Guide company International Data Corporation (IDC) raised its forecasts for global spending on blockchain solutions in 2019 to $2.9 billion – that is almost 88,7% compared to 2018. By 2022, such costs will reach $12.4 billion, also above last year’s forecast by IDC.

A leading role in this process at the IDC is given to companies in the financial sector. On expectations of analysts, banks, stock exchanges and the company, as well as investment and insurance services to invest in blockchain solutions more than $1.1 billion At the same time in the sphere of production and realization of goods, this figure will reach $653 million and $642 million, respectively. And in the field of cross-border payments and trade Finance, according to IDC projections, such investment will be $738 million.

More than anything in blockchain solutions will spend money in the US ($1.1 billion), Western Europe ($674 million) and China ($319 million). Moreover, this year marked the widespread introduction of technology and changes in the ideological foundations of the blockchain revolution.

We will remind, according to the auditing company KPMG survey, 48% of the global leaders in the technology industry believe that in the next three years, the blockchain “likely” or “very likely” to change their business. “Unlikely” or “very unlikely” that mentioned only 27% of respondents. And, according to a report by the international recruitment company Hired the global demand for blockchain engineers compared to last year increased by 517%.