A former member of the Triad from Macau WAN “Broken tooth” Quoc-coy conducted an initial placement of coins HB for the gaming industry, having collected $750 million in just five minutes, reports the South China Morning Post.

It is reported that currently sold 450 of 500 million tokens, HB, intended for the General public. All will be released one billion tokens HB.

Van held three events for the sale of tokens in Cambodia, Thailand and the Philippines, which involved high-ranking government officials, the military, celebrities and businessmen from mainland China and Hong Kong. The latest round of ICO will be held this Wednesday in Malaysia.

Investment company Wang Hung Mun World Investment signed a partnership deal with Chinese firm Zhonggongxin Cosmos Internet Technology Limited, the scope of which includes, among other things, asset management and construction projects in Russia.

According to rumors, the parent company Zhonggongxin Cosmos belongs to the state. Employees, however, give conflicting answers to questions about the owners of the company.

It is reported that Zhonggongxin Cosmos is engaged in online poker games and chess. In October, we will hold a poker tournament which will last the whole year. The prize Fund will amount to 10 million yuan ($1.5 million), and payments will be in Fiat currencies and tokens in the HB. It is noted that in China there is no law prohibiting the use of cryptocurrency as a prize.

Questions arise to the cryptocurrency HB – the developers have not provided the source code tokens and detailed information about the technology. At the moment the coin HB traded on the stock exchange Allin (a.top). The exchange was launched in April this year, the Hong Kong company All In Group Limited.

“Without details about the technology token HB people will not be able even to know how many coins were released”, — says Engfer, founder of the social network for enthusiasts of cryptocurrency Shubei.

Note that van Quoc coy spent 14 years in prison and was released in December 2012. However, at the moment to return to crime and to “affect the stability of Macau,” he’s not going to.

Recall that according to Bloomberg 56% ICO-projects ceased to exist after 4 months after the sale of tokens.

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