After emergence in mass media of news that two weeks ago in northeast China, police seized 600 units of mining equipment, law enforcement authorities in Iceland decided that speech can go about 600 computers stolen in the period from December to January in three data centers in the country, and addressed to Chinese counterparts with request. To confirm this version, the police want to reconcile the serial numbers of the devices.

Recall that in Tianjin work bitcoin miners led to the disruption of the local power and the largest theft elektroenergii in the region. Together with the seizure of equipment police have arrested one man and launched an investigation against another five.

However, one of the suspects in the “biggest theft” in Oslednii , Sindri tor Stefansson (Sindri Thor Stefansson), who escaped from custody and had a fake passport and flew to Sweden on the same plane with the Prime Minister of his country, was discovered in the Netherlands and is awaiting extradition there.