CEO of payment platform Square and Creator of Twitter, Jack Dorsey has announced the recruitment of employees to develop solutions for the ecosystem of cryptocurrencies and bitcoin.

#BitcoinTwitter and #CryptoTwitter! Square is hiring 3-4 crypto engineers and 1 designer to work full-time on open source contributions to the bitcoin/crypto ecosystem. Work from anywhere, report directly to me, and we can even pay you in bitcoin! Introducing @SqCrypto. Why?

— jack (@jack) March 20, 2019.

The company is looking for three to four captaingeneral and one designer to full-time employment. They will develop open source solutions that will allow “to expand the financial capacity of users.”

“Work from anywhere, to report personally to me, and we can even pay you in bitcoins”, – wrote Dorsey.

All decisions will be published for free use.

We will remind, in the report for the 2018 Square announced the sale of bitcoins at $166 million With most of this amount was spent on purchase of the cryptocurrency.

In early March, Jack Dorsey in just a week I bought bitcoins for $10,000. Read more about love Dorsey to the first cryptocurrency read in the material ForkLog.