Le Minh There (Le Minh Tam), the head of the Vietnamese mining company Sky Mining, which is for deposits of between $100 to $5000 promised a refund at a rate of 300% per year, has disappeared with $35 million belonging to the company and the investors. In this case a few days ago on Sky Mining page in Facebook there was a message of apology “for all” to customers of the company, the profits of which allegedly fell due to market volatility and led to the bankruptcy.

Users were encouraged to contact the office of the company for a refund, but in fact it was closed. Also failed to detect 600 units of mining equipment, which was nearby Sky Mining office in Ho Chi Minh city. It is reported that it took workers engaged in servicing equipment.

Deputy head of the company , Le Minh, Chi (Le Minh Hieu) formed the Commission on work with investors and to assess the losses and remaining company assets. He argues that Le Minh There directly supervised the use of mining capacity and probably fled to the United States, and the preliminary amount of the losses comes to $35 million Himself and his colleagues he also believes the victims of fraud, as stated by the police along with 20 investors.

We will remind that in April, seven of the organizers of the fraudulent ICO project Modern Tech left Vietnam with 15 trillion Dong ($660 million), proceeds from the sale of tokens and Ifan Pincoin.