The issue of crypto-currencies by Central banks — a matter of time. This opinion was expressed by the CEO of Dash Core Group Ryan Taylor, reports Cointelegraph.

He noted that Central Banks have advantages in the issuance amount of cryptocoins. However, according to Taylor, the adoption of such monetary units determined by the community. Nevertheless, he believes that the market may develop the best version of digital currencies.

“I believe that it is inevitable. The government is now thinking about how to start your cryptocurrency — either on their own or under the pressure of the opponents. But I don’t think this area will be large innovation,” Taylor said.

In his opinion, the coming era of regulation of kriptonyte from governments, smaller countries are more advanced in this direction because of the low risks to their economies. The founder of Dash also suggested that the United States in the next year would take serious steps in this matter.

ForkLog previously reported that according to representatives of the European Parliament Committee on economic and monetary Affairs, cryptocurrency will not be able to oppose the economic power of Central banks.