The head of bitcoin startup Circle Jeremy Allair expressed confidence that stabilini on open standards will dominate over coins issued by individual companies.

“We have chosen the model of the consortium. Based on Fiat money on the Internet should lie open standards that can be implemented by many companies. There must be a mechanism of self-government, technological standard and framework for membership,” he said.

Allar added that a positive attitude towards the alleged launch stablon from Facebook, however, the development of individual companies, in his opinion, will yield stable coins with open standards.

“We need HTTP for money online”.

This opinion is shared by the founders of the bitcoin exchange Gemini brothers Winklevoss. Despite the fact that the so-called Facebook Coin is a positive signal for the industry, this project has, they believe, will have serious limitations.

Note that the Circle formed a consortium Centre around stablon USDC. Its members included giants Coinbase and Bitmain.

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