Vice President, development of Facebook messenger, David Marcus announced he was leaving his current post and will be engaged in the development and implementation of a blockchain solutions within the company. About Marcus announced on his page in the social network.

“I collect a small group that will search for a better method of implementation of the blockchain in Facebook. We will start the development from scratch”, — said Marcus.

Note, in the beginning of the year, the Executive Director of Facebook mark Zuckerberg also said that he is interested in the study of cryptocurrencies, and encryption technologies for possible integration into the world’s largest social network.

According to him, one of the most interesting questions in the world of technology is competition centralization and decentralization, and many are beginning to deal with technology, because they believe that they can be descentralizada force that will give more power to ordinary people.

Himself David Marcus, moved to Facebook four years ago from PayPal, where he held the position of President. He also is on the Board of Directors of the largest American platform Coinbase cryptocurrency.

At the same time Marcus did not elaborate on what blockchain applications he plans to work in Facebook. However, given the wide range of the use of technology and the abundance of services in the social network, the team has many areas of development.

Recall that last year, experts on security issues and technologies from Facebook and Google announced the intention to stand up for the “digital democracy” of the US using blockchain technology. At the same time informed David Marcus said that in the foreseeable future, Facebook plans to run on the platform of the messenger system of cryptocurrency payments, and she banned the social network is a digital asset and ICO.