CEO of BlackRock Larry Fink (Larry Fink) said that the company is considering investment opportunities in cryptocurrencies, because clients don’t have any interest.

“I don’t believe that any client sought to invest in cryptocurrencies. From any client not heard: I should be in them,” said Fink on Bloomberg.

On the eve of the information appeared that the largest investment company in the world, manages assets of $6.3 trillion, is considering entering the market of cryptocurrency assets. To do this, BlackRock has established a working group to assess the implications of this, it was reported with reference to the Financial News.

However, the head of BlackRock said that the company is studying the cryptocurrency to understand how they work, and to determine whether they are “legitimized” as an alternative to cash.

Confirming his negative attitude towards cryptocurrencies, Larry Fink said that he was “enthusiastic” in respect of blockchain technology. According to him, it will help to improve the electronic system of the BlackRock Aladdin risk management, portfolio management and trading.

In may it was reported that investment Bank Goldman Sachs will soon open a futures trading on bitcoin for its customers. In the same month it became known that the largest US Bank JPMorgan Chase, headed by Jamie Dimon (Jamie Dimon) is one of the main critics of bitcoin, has created the position of head of strategy scriptactive and hired her specialist.

But Larry Fink on the question if he considers it necessary for the company’s willingness to the day when customers change their minds about investing in cryptocurrency, a definite answer: “At the moment”.